Floating Worlds

A woman diplomat strives to keep peace between Earth, a colonized Mars, and a race of mutants from the outer planets... more


A Hungarian nobleman stands against the invading Turks in 1526... more

The Earl

During the anarchy, an Anglo-Norman Earl plots and fights... more


Holland continues her Viking saga (following The Soul Thief and The Witches' Kitchen) with an uneven but entertaining adventure tale. After their war band is defeated in a legendary clash at Hjorunga Bay, cousins Conn and Raef Corbansson, who narrowly escaped the carnage, find themselves in the frozen north of Scandinavia... read more

The Soul Thief

Set in A.D. 950 in Jorvik (York, England) and assorted other venues, The Soul Thief deals with the real Vikings, not Kirk Douglas types... read more

The Secret Eleanor

Eleanor of Aquitaine had a lot of secrets--an ambition to rule, a much younger lover, and one secret which, if discovered, could blow up all her dreams and change history... read more

The King's Witch

During the Third Crusade, deaths from fever and starvation are common, but King Richard the Lion-Hearted has a secret ally against these impassable enemies-a mysterious healer by the name of Edythe... read more

Great Maria

A reprint of one of Cecelia's most popular novels, the life of an ambitious and lusty woman of the eleventh century... more